Our Vision


It all started when…

Humboldt Klavierquartett

The Humboldt Streichtrio members first met 20 years ago, as Juilliard School students, then members of two different string quartets, Artemis and Avalon. Until and including now, all three have lived quite colourful lives. Markus Becker complements these three musicians to form the Humboldt Klavierquartett. Longtime friends and collaborators, they have joined forces to create a fresh and vibrant sound in the genre of chamber music. Like the others’, Markus’ utmost concern is chamber music: to find the balance between artistic individuality and a quest for shared interpretations, to meld different sounds and face them with the wealth of instrumental potentials are at the core of his artistic work. “Markus Becker is unbeatable as a virtuoso, a musical soul-painter with great understanding“ (Eleonore Büning, FAZ)


Whether as a trio or as a quartet, the Humboldt members stand together, sharing their love and talents through enthusiastic, authentic performance of the string trio and piano quartet repertoire.